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21st Century Watershed Technology Conference and Workshop in Quito, Ecuador

Come join us at the 21st Century Watershed Technology Conference and Workshop on Improving Quality and Quality in Agriculture at the Field, Watershed and Regional Scales. Chaired by Dr Ali Saleh of TIAER, this is the fifth in a series of highly successful international conferences on watershed technology. The current one is organized by ASABE and The IKIAM University to be held at the Marriott Hotel in Quito, Ecuador on December 3-9, 2016.  Over the last decade there has been a maturing of watershed science with new research findings and modeling approaches. These new solutions have resolved many of the problems that first faced watershed managers in dealing with water quality and quantity issues, but there are also emerging impediments to watershed assessments and achieving water quality goals. This international conference 21st Century Watershed Technology: Improving Water Quality and Environment will look at emerging problems and new solutions to managing watersheds to meet water quality and quantity standards.

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